Read How to Use Matched Betting Calculator to Make Money

If you are here but you don’t know how to use matched betting calculator, you are probably not entirely sure what you are doing. Do not worry, because we got you. Just follow the instructions we have thoughtfully provided you with below and calculate your betting stakes to see your potential winnings. Continue reading to find out how to use a matched betting calculator.

Calculate your qualifying bet

To calculate this, you will not need to change any of the calculator’s settings. The back stake is the value of the wager that you place on the bookie. For instance, if you wager £20 on William Hill, then you will place 20 in the box that says Back Stake. Your back odds are the ones of the bet that you have placed.

For instance, your £20 wager could have been placed at Manchester United to be victorious at 1.8. Thus, you place 1.8 into the box that says Back Odds. The box that says Back Commission will almost always stay at 0%, it will change if you are placing your bet on an exchange.

The Lay Odds are the ones you have laid on Betfair, for instance, Manchester United might have been 1.84 to wager against. Thus, you place 1.84 in the Lay Odds box. The Lay Commission is 5% at Betfair, even though it will reduce the more you use it. The commissions vary on other exchanges. Just make sure to update it accordingly if you use another exchange. If you place the numbers we have given you above, the calculator will show a loss of 90p.

Calculate your free bet

How to calculate free wagers to make a profit? If you are thinking how to make a profit out of these bets, you have to change the Bet Type from Normal to Free. There are only several occasions in which you can use SR, so do not worry about this option unless Oddsmonkey tell you that you need to use it.

Thus, using free bet instead of normal, you can now place in your Back Odds, Back Stake and Back Commission for your free wager. Use your bet at higher odds between 4.0 and 6.0 and do not use it on horse racing since there is a higher chance of being gubbed with this sport.

For instance, we will say that we have backed Watford to win at 4.0 and laid them on an exchange at 4.2. The calculator shows that we will make a £16.20 from this match with 5% commission, no matter who wins. Remove the 90p that we lost on the qualifying bet and we have made a profit of £15.30

Overlaying and Underlaying

With the bets and the calculator, you have the opportunity to overlay or underlay your selections. However, what does this mean? On the simple version of the calculator that is found under the Mode below the Bet Type, you have one lay stake that will guarantee you an equal loss or profit no matter what the outcome is.

If you swap Simple with Advanced, you will get overlay and underlay figures. Thus, the profit of loss you make can vary on the outcome of the event you wager on. If you underlay, this means that you want your selection at the bookie to win to make a larger profit. If it loses, you will have a larger qualifying loss. This option is goof if you are completing rollover on a promotion.

On the other hand, overlay is the exact opposite. If your pick wins, you will get a larger loss. If it loses, you will make a bigger profit. This option is good to make offers risk-free since you need your selection to win to receive an extra free bet.

On the calculator, you will also find a slider. If you move it up or down, you will see how much you will win or lose depending on the stake you lay and the result.

Matched Betting Calculators

Why should you use a Profit Accumulator? One of the core benefits of using a service like Profit Accumulator is the access to all sorts of useful matched betting software and tools like calculators.

Profit Accumulator’s free calculator is available to absolutely everyone, but the members also have access to more features that help them to minimise the time they need to maximise their profits.

This software makes matched betting much simpler and speeds up the entire process. This depends on the types of offers you want to do as well as how advanced your betting is. Here are some of the useful tools:

  • Accumulator bet calculator
  • Double Delight, also referred to as Hat-trick Heaven calculator
  • Dutching calculator
  • Each way calculator
  • Horse racing refunds
  • Match betting mistake calculator
  • Refund calculator
  • Spreadex calculator
  • Spreadbetting calculator
  • Sporting Index calculators

Matched Betting Calculator

Is a matched betting calculator easy to use? This simple calculator is where you will start out. Usually, it is the most critical tool for matched punters and Profit Acca members when they make real money online.

It allows us to figure out how much to lay and back to make a risk-free bet. The back stake, type of bet, lay odds, lay commission and back odds are all factors that let the player know how much to lay, how much loss or profit there will be, and what the liability is. The advanced feature allows you to know your position if you want to overlay or underlay your wager.

Oddsmatching Software

This is not the same comparison platforms as Oddschenker. The oddsmatcher, sometimes referred to as automatcher, helps you find lay and back bets that are close to each other in prices.

Such punters look for odds that are closely matched, to the limit that is lost in the qualifying wager stage. Sometimes the back odds are better than the lay ones exactly when an arbitrage betting opportunity arises, it is also referred to as an arb.

PA’s oddsmatcher is quite customisable, which allows punters to filter by sport, bookie, exchange, market type, max and min odds, time frame and more. There is even a text search function for the ones who look to wager on a particular horse, team or event.

Each-Way Bet Calculator

This tool helps punters work out the stake for each way bets. Moreover, it calculates both of the elements’ lay stake of the each way bet, both the place and the win.

This certainly helps, since betting exchanges regard these as two completely different wagers. It even allows the user to input the commission, rule 4 deduction (the price change if a horse withdraws) and the number of places that are paid by the bookmaker.

Matched Betting Mistake Calculator

The fixabet calculator could be used when you make a mistake or if your lay bet is only partly matched. This could be quite useful if you have made a mistake as a way of working out how to get your money back.

Spread Betting Calculator

Gamblers should learn to calculate a spread bet! PA’s spread betting calculator is one of the most advanced tools available to members. It could be used for Spreadex and Sporting Index, and it allows players to calculate their overall position based on their sell and purchase prices, stake override and risk amount.

Refund IF Calculator

This allows users to work out how to lock in a profit if a specific event happens. This is useful for making the most of offers like bet paid out as a winner in your team got two goals ahead.

Dutching Calculator

This is a strategy that involves backing several outcomes to guarantee profit and minimise risk. Profit Accumulator added oddsmatching dutching software several months ago to help members find opportunities to dutch and users can use such a calculator to complement the software. This calculator has two- and three-way modes, and simple advanced settings.

This calculator helps members work out how much to bet with every exchange and bookie and show their potential loss or profit. The players can choose stake not returned or normal for every bet, depending on the terms of the offer from the bookie. There is also a stake rounding feature that helps you keep your bookie accounts healthy as well as the ability to enter a maximum total stake. You can switch to advanced view and receive the option to add commission if you are using an exchange to place your lay bets.

Double Delight or Hat-Trick Heaven Calculator

DDHH is a offer at Betfred that occurs quite often, it is on first-goalscorer markets.  There are matches on which Betfred doubles or trebles the odds if the chosen goalscorer scores twice or completes a hat-trick. Since the first goalscorer odds are typically very long, this could be very profitable.

Do you know about the hat trick heaven calculator? The DDHH calculator is similar to the standard one in the way that it allows users to input their odds and back stake as well as their lay commission, odds and stake. Moreover, there is the functionality to add your personal stake to adjust the calculation if it is needed.

Players can calculate how much they have to lay, the qualifying loss and what the liability is going to be as a percentage.

The DDHH takes the intel to display the amount of profit if the goalscorer scores first, twice or does a hat-trick.

Free Bet Calculator and Matched Bet Automatcher

PA’s matched betting automatcher is an essential tool for their members to use in order to generate additional income in their free time. The oddsmatcher or automatch complements the free bet calculator. These are probably the two most crucial resources for matched punters. They are only two of the software offerings that are available to PA’s members.

Other software includes:

  • Accumulator bet calculator
  • Each-way calculator
  • Match betting mistake calculator
  • Profit Tracker
  • Refund calculator
  • Sporting Index calculators
  • Spreadbetting calculator
  • Spreadex calculator

PA’s Matched Betting Automatcher

Use a automatcher to neutralise the betting risk! The oddsmatcher or automatcher allows its users to find closely matched lay and back odds to neutralise the risk quickly. These matches are later on rated to show you how much you will win or lose from the qualifying bet.

The oddsmatcher even displays the bookie, date, exchange, event, back odds, lay odds as well as the amount of currently available liquidity in the exchange. The users can filter the results by market type, sport, exchange, and bookie. These results can also be limited by odds, rating, timeframe and liquidity.

Advanced Oddsmatching Software

PA does not only offer the basic automatcher, they also provide their users with advanced oddsmatching tools like Acca Catcher and Match Catcher.

The latter is a state-of-the-art software which finds horse racing wagers with lightning speed odds updates to help you take advantage of the refund offers.

Acca Catcher is a football Acca tool that reduces the effort and time to make guaranteed profit from acca refunds. You no longer have to search through exchanges and bookies or use any overly complicated spreadsheets.

Why Automatch Tools are Crucial for Matched Betting

The truth is that matched betting relies on getting an additional income from the free bets and bonuses that bookies and other gambling companies offer to new and loyal customers.

A lot of these bonuses need a first bet to be placed to let you qualify. In matched betting it is known as qualifying bet or qualifier. This is where the automatcher comes in. To make sure that you do not lose money or limit your loss on the qualifying wager, oddsmatching software can be used to find two closely matched wagers. This is where the back odds are as close as possible to the lay ones.

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