The Best No Risk Matched Betting Sites – Bet for Free and Gain Cash

Have you ever heard about the best no risk matched betting sites? What makes them a better choice for the gamblers? A lot of online bookies offer a welcome bonus, typically a free bet, as a promotion to entice you to create an account with them. Usually, this requires an initial bet with your money to obtain the bonus, but if you use a betting exchange like Betfair, you can remove the risk of losing your money and extract the free bet to make a profit. Continue reading to find out which are the best no risk matched betting sites.

This is done by using a technique called matched betting, by betting on an event at a bookie, and laying the same event at an exchange to extract free bets and guarantee yourself a profit.

Our matched betting guide section a comprehensive step by step tutorial on how to use this technique and make more than £1,500 without almost any efforts. The best part is that it is free.


  1. Create an account with a betting exchange.
  2. Create an account with a bookie.
  3. Lay a bet with the exchange and place one with the bookmakers
  4. Receive free bet
  5. Lay the bet on the exchange and place the free wager with the bookie

Do you want to know more? Read our matched betting guide to learn the involved method and how to get started. You should get in touch, if you have any questions.

Matched Betting Sites UK 2024

Brand Price Banking Availability Review Grade Bet
William Hill
£30 Bonus
Visa Paypal
PC, Tablet, Mobile William Hill
5.0 / 5 Visit
£40* Bonus
Visa Mastercard
PC, Tablet, Mobile Betfred
4.8 / 5 Visit
£50 Bonus
Visa Mastercard
PC, Tablet, Mobile 10bet
4.8 / 5 Visit

* T&C’s apply.

* New 18+ UK customers only. Register using the promo code WELCOME40, deposit and place first bet of £10+ on Sports (cumulative Evens+) within 7 days of registration. First bet must be on Sports. £30 in Free Bets and £10 in Free Spins (50x20p) credited within 10 hours of bet settlement. Free Bet stakes are not included in any returns. Bonuses have a 7-day expiry. Payment restrictions apply. SMS verification and/or Proof of I.D and address may be required. Full T&Cs apply.

Is Matched Betting a Scam?

Is there a scam about no risk matched betting sites? It is normal to be sceptical when you first hear about matched betting. We felt the exact same way when we started out. And it is easy to see why people think that it is a scam. Risk-free money? Pfft… no way. When we were kids, they taught us that if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

So where is the catch? There must be one, right? This is exactly what I thought before I started matched betting, and it is what every person like you has at one point thought. Continue reading to find out if it really is too good to be true and to see matched betting explained.

How Does Online Matched Betting Work?

It was not that long ago when we thought that matched betting was a complete and utter scam. All our friends and family members thought so too. Actually, some of my own family, mostly the elder ones, still think that it is a scam, even after I have shown them my profits. Sometimes, the elders can be quite funny, one of them thinks that I am involved in matched fixing scams.

I learned about matched betting when I was looking how to make extra funds online, which is something that I would do for many years. Back then I worked the typical 9 to 5 job, and I wanted to save a bit on the side and improve the quality of my life. 

I did not know that I would stumble across something like this, that would earn me over 1k pounds tax-free, risk-free every month, with only one hour per day on my laptop.

How Much is Matched Betting Worth per Month?

£1k per month is the equivalent to get a 15k annual pay rise if we assume that you fall under the 20% tax bracket like the mass of the population.

However, if you have a high-paying job which is taxed at the 40% rate, 1k per month is the equivalent to a 20k annual pay rise. Moreover, this is when you earn only 1k per month. During my best month, I managed to win more than 3k in profit from matched betting.

How much profits can you win with matched betting? I was sure that matched betting is a con when I first heard of it. I thought about trying a free trial, but I just never got round to do it.

Several of my friends were quite interested, and they eventually took the bait. After one week, they showed me their profits, so I had to try it right away. Since my friends and official sources like the Telegraph vouched for it, it was my turn to try it out.

When William Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe spoke about matched betting, he stated that there is nothing illegal about it since it is a free bet and we can do whatever we want with it. By free bet, he means that matched betting uses the free wager provided by bookies to guarantee you a profit. Like most people, we don’t believe in gambling since we have had horrible experiences in the past with it. Gamblers lose most of the time, however, matched bettors always win.

Proof that Matched Betting is not a Scam

You will have to check out our whole site to learn how to do this process correctly, but the fundamentals are easy. You place two bets, one against and one for the same team, making sure that you qualify for a free bet without losing any money as you are not able to lose on this qualifying wager. Since you have backed the same team and wagered against them at the same time, you will break even no matter if they win or lose. This includes drawn matches.

Once you get your free bet, you use it again to gain a profit. If it sounds straightforward, well, it is. It is not only simple and not a scam but tax-free and legal.

What is the Catch?

There is only one catch. If you abuse your promotions you will no longer get free bets. This process is called being gubbed. However, do not worry, as the bookie will tell you this in advance, so you will not lose any money when this happens.

What is the limit regarding matched wagers? Fortunately, as it was previously proved with the quote from the William Hill spokesman, the gambling industry does not have an issue with matched betting. Bookies get annoyed when you take too much value from them. Abusing a vast amount of free bets with no funds going back to them.

There is an easy technique involved referred to as mug betting that allows you to keep free bets streaming in without being banned from promotions, and it also keeps the bookies happy. These bets are also completely risk-free.

The Best Matched Betting Sites

Which is the best matched betting site? We want to settle the debate once and for all, with this in-depth and comprehensive matched betting site comparison. In fact, we are fairly confident that this is the most in-depth comparison of the topic that you will find anywhere. Continue reading to find out what we think about the best free matched betting websites and the best paid ones as well.

There are a lot of other sites out there that are looking to try and break into our lists, but we think that there are not a lot of sites that are currently worth mentioning. This is usually due to a lack of betting features and products when we compared them to the sites listed below.

We firmly think that these sites are the best no risk match betting ones for 2024, but if you have any suggestions about a better alternative, contact us. We will look at every single site that you guys mention, but we cannot guarantee that we will publish your comment since we get a lot of self-promotion. Unfortunately, this is how this competitive industry works. Continue reading for more detailed thoughts on every site on our list.

We have split this section into two clear sub-sections for you. First, we will start with the best-paid sites. In these no risk match betting sites uk, you can pay a small monthly subscription. However, the profit levels are usually much higher for users than on the free match betting sites.


What does the site of oddsmonkey offer? This is our first recommendation. We think that they offer exceptional value for your money as well as a top service overall. This is definitely one of the top matched betting websites for beginners thanks to their very simple tutorial videos and guides.

They even have a large range of tools that are very useful for helping you make money, but it is not just that sole reason that makes them our favourite. They seem to have a tool for everything. From making the most of the football games, horse refunds, accas, tennis games and more.

Moreover, we believe that more additions are in the works as well, so you should watch out for those. It takes most of the people only one completed offer to make their subscription fee of £15 back, which is approximately 5 minutes. These funds include the access to the forum as well as all of their tools. There are no add-on costs with their site, and their service is nothing less than phenomenal. This is why we are certain that they are the very best at what they do.

Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator currently costs £17.99 per month. However, we have been quite disappointed with their services in the past for many reasons, which is why we do not recommend them to our readers.

Profit Maximiser

While this was not the original service on the market, this was the product that took no risk betting to the spotlight. Since amazing offers are being posted every single day, Profit Maximiser is an actual competitor for the crown of the best matched betting website. We do believe that Oddsmonkey is the better choice for your typical offer needs, we give Profit Maximiser the edge when it comes to making profits on casino games.

Get to play at profit maximiser online! If you think that you would rather spend your time making money on lucrative and higher-risk slots, then Profit Maximiser is the perfect choice for you. We are obviously subscribed to both of the websites to make sure that we have a decent income from both casinos and bookmakers.

The Profit Maximiser forums run through Facebook. Thus, if you’d rather use the social networking platform to discuss strategies and stay on top of their offers, then it is an excellent choice for you. You can try them out for a fortnight for £1 or purchase a year of access for £99.

The downside of the site is that it looks very messy like a scam, but it is definitely not. If you are brand new to this, before you move to Profit Maximiser, you will need their other product referred to as Bonus Bagging. If you want to make money, instead of just a fancy site, then we advise you to give PM a chance. They might not have the range of other products for further enhancement of your profit-making capabilities from a variety of sources, even though these will cost you more.

Profit Squad

This is another option for £15 per month, but the annual price is £99, which is a huge discount if you decide to pay that way. The site is really clean and they have a very handy bet tracking feature which means that you will not need a spreadsheet to track your wagers. Everything is automated, it monitors your open bets and calculates your profits.

Another thing that is very popular on Profit Squad is Dutching, it is an alternate method to laying and backing. They have downloadable calculators that allow you to profit from any offer, you can even do matched betting without free bets. This strategy is unique to their site, which means that if you are looking to do something a tad different, this is what we would recommend you to do. However, we cannot reveal too much about their dutching since it is their core USP and has to be kept secret.


How to make wagers at the site of matchedbets? This site aims to provide you with a personalised service at a very fair price. It starts at £14 per month, and £140 per year, which makes it the cheapest option on the list. Each offer has concise and clear tutorials with enough video walkthroughs to help you with the various types of offers.

We love that this site is great for newbies, they offer help through live chat that is available between 8 am and 8:30 pm. This is definitely something that we have not seen the competitors offer.

Their forum is also unique when compared to the other paid sites. It is open to everyone who want to join. This means that you can get a feel for the community right away and discuss your offers with other users who are just starting out as well. Premium users get access to the rest of the forum to talk about offers which are a secret kept only for paying customers.

The tools work equally well on mobile as they do on PC and they have features that are sure to be appreciated by people who spend fair amounts of time doing this. The integrated calculator and odds matcher both update the liquidity and odds on exchanges with alerts which allow you to make a change with a single click. And all of this in real time! This feature saves a lot of frustration and time over the course of the week. The calculator has 9 pre-set options to calculate balanced profits for various types of offers like allowing for bonuses that are paid in cash or free bets.

Bet tracking software is integrated into the calculator, this means that you can log your wagers and update your profits with only a few clicks as you complete every offer. You do not have to maintain your personal spreadsheet since it is all done for you. Matched bets are not limited to betting offers, as it also features bingo and casino offers. But they do concentrate on risk-free bonuses and loopholes with the best potential profit.

Best Free Matched Betting Sites

We do not recommend the use of free matched sites because of the risk of being gubbed as well as the smaller amount of profits that you can realistically achieve. Since thousands of users will jump on the same bets as you, your account will be grouped with the rest of the bonus hunters by the bookies.

Are there matched betting sites for free wagers? When using free sites, the average our readers won was £300 per month. With paid sites, the average rose to over £1,000 per month. This is almost 4x the difference in profit for a small investment in the paid subscription.

For anyone who does not have a maths brain, this is an annual difference of over 8k pounds. All of this is because of the paid services and tools that paid subscriptions offer. We do recommend paid sites for exclusive offers, as well as significantly higher monthly profits and better tools, but we have still rounded up the best free sites for matched betting in the section below.

Matched Betting Blog

This is currently one of the busiest free matched betting sites. They are quite effective at teaching the basics to beginners and posting daily reload offers, similar to what we do our best to achieve here at NoRiskMatchedBetting. We recommend this site to people who want to spend less than an hour per week on matched betting as well as to the ones who do not want to make the jump to bigger money yet.

They tend to jump on every offer that is available to the public every day. However, this can lead to restrictions on your account. You have to remember that it is very dangerous for your account to exploit offers without giving value back to the bookmaker. You should give as much value back as you can though mug betting. Currently, this site is also promoting Oddsmonkey.

As far as matched betting websites go, particularly free ones, we would say that this option is the best around, specifically considering it is a one-man operation. If we were only looking at the free sites, they would probably be rated 5 stars. But, we have to compare the paid options as well as the level of profit that can be achieved with those websites.

Money Saving Expert Forum

Go to the forum of Money Saving Expert! We are not fans of repeating ourselves too much, but for the same reasons as the ones explained above, we do not recommend this site for prospective matched punters.

If you really want to make money than these sites simply will not cut the mustard. This is concerning long-term profits and account health. These tools are not available on any site to fully optimise your efficiency and income. If you only want to make between 100 and 200 pounds per month, then the MSE sites are fine for you.


As we already mentioned our favourite website in the industry of sposts betting is Oddsmonkey. However, if you are a casino fan – try out Profit Maximiser. We do not advise you to use free matched betting websites for these reasons:

  • You do not get access to the tools that help you make the big sums.
  • The information is public, which means that every offer or bet will probably be placed by thousands of people at a minimum on the same odds.
  • It will not take a long time until you get shut down, when you are completing the same offers as thousands of others, at the exact same time as well.

Matched Betting FAQ

Read more information that can help you win a matched bet:

  • What is matched betting?

  • Do you know what matched betting is like? A lot of bookies offer free bets like bet £20 to get a £20 free bet as a welcome incentive when you one an account, to encourage you to play on their websites during events like the FA Cup Finals.

    It is absolutely possible to use these free bets to make money without any risks. This is considered to be matched betting, which is a technique involved in laying and backing an event in order to win no matter what the outcome turns out to be.

  • How much money can I make from matched betting?

  • Somewhere between 1k and 2k per month. However, you can make more from bookmakers offers as well as the welcome bonus. All of it depends on the amount of time you take to match wagers as well as bonus amounts. Currently, there are free bet offers all of the time. This means that there is more free money.

  • Can I make money from matched betting?

  • As long as you are over 18, you can grasp the fundamentals of matched betting and take some time off to complete the offers.

  • Are there risks?

  • Yes. However, there is only one, and it is human error. All you have to do is take your time and double check the wager you place, then there should be no risk.

  • Is it legal?

  • Of course it is. You are just taking advantage of welcome offers that are made by bookmakers who hope that you will continue using their services.

  • Will online gambling affect my credit score?

  • Most of the bookmakers do not perform a credit check, so it will not. However, some spread gambling firms might perform a credit check to make sure that you have thoroughly read the T&C’s of every account you open.

  • Is there a difference between a stake returned and a no stake returned bet?

  • Can you get the stakes back for a free bet? A returned stake free bet is the same as placing a wager with your personal money. The bet amount is returned with your winnings (if you have any). The no stake returned means that the stake amount is not returned with your winnings. The type of bet that the bookie offers you will change the way you bet. 

  • What is laying?

  • Laying a wager is when you become the bookmaker. This happens at betting exchanges and is explained in detail in our guide section.

  • Which is the best sport to use?

  • Football is quite easy to use, mostly because we know about the sport. Football also has the extra benefit of being a popular sport for gambling, which makes it much easier to matched bet on. Our next choices are sports with only two outcomes like tennis. However, betting exchanges and bookmakers have various rules that might make things more difficult.

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